CmdImg can render images in a glorious 16-colour palette straight to your CMD or Powershell window. Supports .jpeg, .gif, .png, .bmp, and .tiff formats (and probably a few others).

What Can I Use it For?

That's a good question. It was mostly intended as a bit of fun but it could be used to jazz up your success or failure messages in a build script or something along those lines.

Where Can I Download it From?

If you use Chocolatey then you can just type choco install cmdimg.install at the command prompt, or alternatively you can download it here: CmdImg v1.0.0


Cat - Original

Cat - CmdImg Rendering

Flower - Original

Flower - CmdImg Rendering

Pug - Original

Pug - CmdImg Rendering

Rainbow - Original

Rainbow - CmdImg Rendering